Natalie Twum- Barima

Since its birth in March 2011, by the grace of God, Faith Revival Assembly has not only grown but evidently stood out as Church that is built on a rock that cannot be shaken. Despite some Churches conforming to the world today, Faith Revival Assembly is a regiment Church that is not afraid to allow the move of God to touch lives, such that only God receives all of the glory. Also, despite the pressures of this world, Faith Revival Assembly is a Church that is not afraid to deliver the true Word that has been instructed by God as the way to Heaven.

As the shepherd of Faith Revival Assembly, Reverend Eddie Annan is a disciple who treats others the way God wants them to be treated (albeit through chastisement or through sacrificial acts of kindness). 

God has blessed Faith Revival Assembly with a shepherd after His own heart and someone who does not refrain from feeding his sheep with knowledge and understanding. Reverend Eddie Annan is a true man sent from God who carries respectable faith and fear in God. He is someone who aims to make Christianity a 'practical way of life' and aims to hold firm to God's Word each day. 

Reverend Eddie Annan is someone who avails himself to ensure that Jesus Christ is at the centre of his ministry and that the destinies of those being lead into the Church are accomplished according to God's will. By the grace of God, this includes myself, for example. Having been: discipled, mentored and under the leadership of Reverend Eddie Annan, I have discovered gifts that were once unbeknown to me. My God-given purpose has become clearer and I have had the opportunity to share my gifts with others on platforms that Reverend Eddie Annan has willingly put me on. I have also learned how to: walk in fear of God, be firmly rooted in God and put Jesus Christ at the centre of all things, such that I have a personal relationship with Our Saviour despite what may be going on in the world. With reference to 2 Timothy 2, I have also learned how to share God's words of wisdom and knowledge with others too, such that Jesus' name continues to be lifted high across generations to come. 

Margaret Isodo-Joseph


The LORD did great things for me in 2015.  He led me to Faith Revival Assembly in the most unusual way!  Who would have known that praise and worship would draw one into a church, right from the street!  Well, that was how God drew me to FRA one fine Sunday, in December 2014.       Just like in Acts 8 vs 29 (KJV) “Then the Spirit said unto Philip, Go near, and join thyself to this chariot”.....   

I had just finished the morning service at my former church.  That day I had a strong desire to be in the presence of the LORD!   I did not want to go back home because I felt I needed more of God and more of his word.  I needed to ‘top up’ the word of God in my spirit that morning.  As I walked through the Whitgift Centre in Croydon, I decided to check out a church down in London Road.  As I approached the doorway of that particular church,  I was about to enter in when I heard this heart-warming praise and worship coming from across the road, right opposite the church I had planned to visit.  

I turned my head and lifted my eyes to have a view of the singing group but I could not see the people through the window.  What really drew my spirit was the Konga drumming.  I felt a sudden joy leap inside me!  I crossed the road and went upstairs where I found a small group of Christians worshiping in spirit and in truth.  I notice that the person playing the Konga was actually a woman!  I later discovered that her name was Angela!   I also found out that the name of the Church was called Faith Revival Assembly.  That was the beginning of my journey to becoming a member of FRA and the amazing things that God had kept in store for me, which I knew not!

From the time I joined FRA in April 2015, miracles after miracles started happening in the lives of my family members and mine!  This was and still is, due to the teaching of pure, undiluted word of God and the powerful prayer sessions in FRA.  I learnt to exercise my faith at a different dimension.  By God’s spirit, all things are possible.  He works in ways that we cannot comprehend.  

I can testify that obedience and sacrifice and unflinching faith can move mountains in our lives.  It certainly did for me in 2015.  God restored to me lots of things that I cannot begin to list!  As in Job 20 vs15 “He will spit out the riches he swallowed; God will make his stomach vomit them up”.    The LORD restored to me double for my trouble plus much, much more.   He did great things for us and greater things He will still do, by His grace! 

In 2016, I am putting my trust in God and looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.   I stand on Jeremiah 29 vs 11 for 2016.   “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.......”  I am believing in God to accomplish that work which He started in my life.


God is able to restore

He is able to heal

He is able to reprove

He is able to forgive

Though your sprit may be wounded 

Or your heart be filled with grief

The proud will have no hope but 

The humble know no defeat

He gives strength to the weary  

He gives power to the weak

Nana Ama Acquah


Living life without purpose is like having a light bulb not connected to the power of electricity. Everybody knows the uses of light; many even take it for granted because of its constant supply and therefore have not come to experience the desperation in having light just to complete the simplest tasks. With all its uses, without its source of power it is meaningless. In the case of the bulb, someone must pick it up and connect it to the source. As human beings we lost our purpose and sense of belonging when we first sinned against God through the first man, Adam, (1 Corinthians 15:21-23). With all the authority that was given to man to lord over every single creation placed on earth, it is fair to state that man had it all (Genesis 2). There was a bond with God, man had been freely given all to meet hidden selfish desires. Man had purpose; man had been gifted with purpose. It is one thing being given a gift and another knowing the relevance and importance of such a gift. The way a baby will use an electronic gadget such as an iPhone or a tablet is totally different from how a 15 year old or an adult would. The latter has knowledge about the uses of these gadgets, even with the absence of an in depth technological knowledge, there are basic uses that they would know off. They both have been gifted but the use of this is different. The baby’s use of the electronic gadget does not deplete the original purpose as to why it was manufactured. Not knowing your purpose can be likened to not having a bearing in your life. The pursuit of purpose and self-fulfillment has driven many into guilt, pain, distress, regret, to name a few. In various cases it has caused more harm than good. This I believe strongly was not the intent of God’s original plan. A study carried out in Cleaveland, Ohio showed that low self-esteem has a close attachment to “feelings of hopelessness, depression and suicidal ideation”. According to reports from the World Health Organization (WHO), in the span of 45 years, suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide. In as much as the factors leading to such may differ slightly it usually occurs according to the WHO during periods of “socioeconomic, family crisis such as a loss of a parent and individual crisis such as difficulty in one’s identity”. According to the WHO suicide statistics, “young people have been stated to be the group now at highest risk in a third of all countries”.

In a world where your outward image is praised more than the inner beauty, where behaviours that were frowned upon many years have now been accepted openly as “right”, where our lives are constantly run by social media, celebrities, media. The worth of some of our young females have been handed over to the attention they receive from social media. Our little sisters, young females are being forced into basing all of their beauty, value, worth, dignity on a number of things that have been created by men and standards that mere men have conjured. Our young boys are spending all their time drinking all sorts of things in order to have that “body” in order to impress, spending so much on materialistic things in order to be in fashion. Most of them have not been mentored into pursuing and making the best out of their potential. And as much as it is easy to put the blame on us the younger generation, it is imperative to understand the pressure that is mounted on us on a daily basis. Dignity has been booted out of the door and different vices have been accepted. A lot of people, young and old alike are hurting within the churches but are unable to speak because of fear of how they will be branded. Our images and focus has been shifted to things that do not in all sincerity matter. How will a young man or young woman stand out in a world that is literally hold them by the neck? How do you identify and relate to the younger generation in order to win them back to God?

Our society seem to have failed, the laws are failing, the institutions that were established primarily to protect us are the ones harming us, even within the body of Christ those that should guide us are the ones leading us astray. This is where I come to realize how the devil has carefully and strategically planned out everything so that it looks as if there is no hope and no way out, you couldn’t possibly get it right? But it makes me think, in all the passages within the bible, a lot of men and women, youths, children stood out in their generation- some are very well known and some not so much so. They were not different from us and they did not have any special treatment. They all lived the same life on earth and one decision changed their lives. As the bible says, there is nothing new under the sun, everything that is happening now has happened before, it has always been in motion. 

Our life is our discovery, what you make of it is entirely up to you. People are desperately in search of answers to a number of questions. People are dying silently because they cannot find where they fit, they cannot see their purpose, they cannot see their true being. Purpose will always be a mystery to me, how it is able to drive people to the ends of the earth and cause them to take drastic decisions. All in all one thing is true, our identity is in God and it is up to us to find it and guard it, up to the church to constantly remind us and teach us the truth. Your purpose, the very essence of your existence is all beautifully crafted in the mystery of God’s plan. Our walk with God is so that at every moment in time we are enriched, inspired, encouraged, made stronger, made wiser, made aware of who our Creator is. If you want to know about yourself, get to know God. Our life is set up in a way that the end goal is to be fulfilled, Jeremiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. There is a lot fulfillment in knowing that there is an Almighty God that is in layman’s terms deeply in love with you. Finding true love is in God, finding self worth is in God, searching for your identity is in God, finding your bearing is in God. Our lives was initially supposed to be about God, worshipping Him, serving Him, communing with Him day in and day out. We so often get distracted so easily by the little bugs. We are so often engrossed in the lies that we tell ourselves that when the truth is made known to us we run from it. Where and how can I find out why I am on earth? Why am I going through all these painful experiences? Why does it feel as if I am all alone? Where is the love I deserve? We have all in one way or the other experienced pain, let downs, disappointments but that has always been the case- the arm of flesh will continually fail us. Though I might not have the answers, I certainly know where I can find the thoughts of God over me as an individual- the world of life, The Bible. 

My relationship with God has not been altogether perfect but it has indeed brought out a lot of characteristics that I did not know that I acquired. Some people are confident; others find it hard to come to terms to what may seem as the simple truth. God in His own wisdom has a way of getting to our core, finding us in the midst of confusion and let downs and carrying us in His arms. Some have not had the opportunity to be loved by those that by right should express love, some have found it difficult accepting help and even staying true to the good decisions that they made. Day in and day out we are discovering that we are stronger in God and weaker by our own stride. Your purpose is not far from you; it has not been cancelled out or written out of the books. It is in the making and it is closer than you imagine. It is being kept safe by the One who originally set it in motion. Do not allow the world to shape who you should become, do not allow the world define what beauty is, do not allow the world tell you who you are. You are beautiful, a gem in the sight of God, His most priceless creation and most treasured gift to generations to come. He has endowed in you more than you can ever imagine. He seeks you out and ensures that you are safe even in the most terrible places. He sees your tears, hears you thoughts and reaches out to you. Sometimes you just have to lift up your head and see the light ahead in the midst of darkness, sometimes all it takes is that leap of faith to believe and trust even when your human instincts strongly disagree. God is ever ready to come into your life, He is ever ready to take back control of your life and steer it. Do not be engrossed in what is outside; they are lies and illusions projected by a dying world. Do not get lost in it. Your purpose is your personal discovery, is for you and God to walk hand in hand and explore the journey. Your ultimate goal and greatest achievement is to make that conscious decision to believe in God. Your most fulfilling moments will be when you humbly submit your will to God. Your end goal will be to fulfill your God’s given destiny. The next time your mind decides to question your existence, remind it that you are a Child of God. Find God in the midst of all the chaos.


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