Pastor Eddie Annan

After going through the wilderness experience in ministry, God told me to start Faith Revival Assembly when I waited on Him in Ghana for a period of three months. I really didn't know when and how it would take off when I came back to London. I spent another six months waiting on God for the right time to take off. 

I knew the time was right when I considered it prayerfully with my wife and sister. It was during one of the prayer times with my Wife, my Sister Pat, Sister BB and my two boys when God released us to have our first outdoor Sunday service on the 6th of March 2011. We welcomed the right time of God when it dawned, and the outcome can be seen here today as we celebrate our Fifth Anniversary, as a Church called, Faith Revival Assembly. We Assemble as a Church to worship our God through Jesus, our Christ, because our Faith, which was tested in fire, has been Revived. 

Today, I want you all to join me with all your soul, your mind and your strength to thank God for His miraculous rescue of my life and my ministry as a Pastor. God has always and will always be the rock upon whom our foundation is built and the focal point of our faith. Despite our different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and nationalities, we are still one big family in the sight of God. 

We believe everybody has a unique destiny in life to fulfill. So our core message as an Assembly is to bring hope to the world, by pointing people to Jesus, reviving the faith of those who’s spirits are overwhelmed by unexpected storms of life and encouraging them to stay focus on CHRIST. I firmly believe that you will agree with me that, our existence as a church is a clear testimony that God is not limited in doing anything. May His name be praised now and forever more. Amen