Faith Revival Assembly is a vibrant community church, based in Croydon. There are four main ministries in the church: mens ministry, womens ministry, youth ministry and childrens ministry.

These ministries have auxiliary groups under them and are responsible for: training members for effective Christian service, uniting members and organising spiritual programmes. 

Mens ministry

The aim of the mens ministry is to help develop and establish the mens God given destinies. The aim of the mens ministry is to also ensure characteristics of Jesus Christ are reflected in each of the men in Faith Revival Assembly.

Womens ministry 

The aim of the womens ministry is to develop and establish each womans God given destinies. 

Youth ministry  

The aim of the youth ministry is to raise up the youth in Faith Revival Assembly, to understand and accept God, such that they solely excel in every area life. The aim of the youth ministry is to also reflect Gods glory. 

Childrens ministry (Sunday school):

The primary goal for the children's ministry is to bring each child up in the Word of God. The children are taught to make quality decisions through: love, service and accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The aim of the childrens ministry is to also understand and implement basic principles of our faith.